In order to maintain a safe environment for our customers and LoCoins shops, we may suspend accounts that violate our Terms of Service or applicable regulations. If your account is suspended you'll receive an email and see a suspension notice when you log in.

Common reasons for suspension are creating multiple accounts and using fake personal information when upgrading to higher tiers, among others.

While your account is in suspension you can still log in however some features will be disabled.

  • You cannot create any new deals.
  • Your active deals cannot be processed at the shop location and may be cancelled. 
  • In case you've already sent us cryptocurrencies as part of a sell deal we will send you further instructions over email. In the event of a refund a processing fee may be charged to cover the operational costs.
  • You can access your full account history in order to view all past deals.
  • You can access the account tiers section. In some cases we will ask you to upgrade to Tier 3 in order to remove suspension, however that is not always the case.

We take account suspension very seriously and only resort to it in cases where other options have been exhausted. We will usually send you an email with additional information but in case you have additional questions please write to us at