In some cases the verification isn't immediately successful, which can happen for different reasons, such as inconsistent data, bad quality of the document or selfie or similar.

Please ensure that:

  • the entered data is correct and valid
  • the entered data matches the data on the documents exactly,
  • the photo/scan of your ID document is clear (i.e. large enough, bright enough, has no flash/lighting reflection, not covered by anything, taken at full angle, etc.),
  • all information is clearly readable,
  • the selfie you've submitted is clear and includes a geotag.

Verification for Tier 3 usually takes between a few hours and a day to complete, but may take up to a few days in some cases. If your verification is not done after 24h after first attempt you can contact us by submitting a help ticket and providing your account information (email) together with the feedback information from the Tiers page.