Tier 3 upgrade usually takes between a few hours and a day to complete, but may take up to a few days in some cases. Follow the next steps to complete a Tier 3 submission.

We recommend that you use a smart device such as your phone or tablet to complete these steps.

1. Log in to your LoCoins account and open the Tiers page under My Account section.

2. Select "Tier 3" tab and you should see the following:

3. Click the "Verify me with Safened" button and the following form should open:

You may be asked to allow the website to access your location - please ensure this is allowed or the Tier 3 application may be delayed.

4. Fill in the information with your real data. Your name has been prefilled from your LoCoins account - please ensure that this is correct and matches the full name as stated in the official ID document that you will upload in the next step.

Once all the required information has been provided the 'Next' button will become blue:


5. In this step you need to provide the information about your ID document.

Please note that at the moment only Passport and National ID Card are accepted.

Please ensure that the information provided matches the information on the document you are uploading. Follow these guidelines to ensure that the document is accepted and your Tier 3 application isn't delayed or rejected:

  • Every piece of information must to be clearly visible/readable and needs to match the information provided through the form.
  • Scans or photocopies are not accepted. The document presented should not be a photo of a photo (or photo of a screen, another phone, a computer, a paper photocopy, etc.). The photo of the ID holder must be be clearly visible/readable, in order to be compared to the selfie (taken in next step).
  • Image of the document must be recent, we recommend taking a new photo at the time of your verification.
  • The document is not damaged, beyond the reasonable wear and tear. Document must not be broken, teared apart, missing pages, and the laminate shouldn't look like it has been lifted for photo substitution.
  • The image must be high quality, unobstructed and uncropped. Make sure there is space left around the document to ensure that for example edges are not cut off.
  • Be careful of light conditions and avoid excessive back-lighting.
  • Be careful not to hide information from your passport with your fingers.

Once all the required information has been provided the 'Next' button will become blue:

6. The last step is to submit a selfie (a selfie is a photograph you take of yourself).

Follow these guidelines to ensure that the selfie is accepted and your Tier 3 application isn't delayed or rejected:

  • Selfie must be clear and the person identifiable (enough lighting, not in motion, etc.)
  • Selfie should be made by yourself, photos taken by another person will not be accepted.
  • Full face must be identifiable, and within the portrait. No garments should cover the face. The person is looking towards the phone and/or the camera. The photo should not be angular (photo should not be taken from too high, nor too low).
  • There should only be one person in the selfie photo.
  • The person's facial features portrayed in the selfie must match the facial features portrayed in the photo in the official ID.

Note regarding selfie and document images: in case you have geotagging of photos disabled on your phone or tablet please make sure you temporarily enable it, otherwise your Tier 3 submission may be delayed or rejected.

Once the selfie has been uploaded the 'Next' button will become blue:

7. Once you confirm our partner Safened's Privacy Statement, you can finalize the submission by selecting "VERIFY ME!":

Your Tier 3 application has now been submitted and you should be redirected back to the following screen. In case of any problems please submit a support ticket.

It usually takes a few hours and up to one day to be processed, although in some cases it may take longer than that.

You will receive an email from us once the verification is completed.